Why I Enrolled In The Master Gardener Online Course – And Why You Should,Too.

Why Did I Enroll?

I’m a retired and very successful farmer, yet I still took the Master Gardener Course Online. And do you know what? It was well worth my time. Yes, I already knew a lot about subjects such as edaphology, plant biology, agronomy and entomology; however, it’s important to keep up to date on the latest developments. And the Master Gardener Course got me up to speed on some important aspects of gardening/farming. For example, how to access weather data online. The course has some really amazing information on both weather and climate. And knowing where and how to access this vital information can make a big difference on the outcome of a garden or farming venture. But that’s not all!

Some More Good Reasons To Study The Master Gardener Course.

You will learn how to properly source gardening information, and whether or not you can trust the individual(s) who are offering you gardening advice. Really, there are a lot of people who claim to be experts in agriculture, but they offer either outdated or flat-out bad advice. So, one of the first things you’ll learn is how and where and from whom to get your gardening questions answered and your problems solved. In fact, a lot of important questions will be answered right in the course itself. Really, just about everything you need to know to plan and successfully grow a garden in Alaska will be covered in the course.

A few Of The Subjects Found In The Course.

You’ll learn everything about gardening from start to finish including how to compost and build amazing soil; how to do a soil test; how to use season extenders; how to build raised beds; how to grow and prune berries; how and where to plant fruit trees; and where to find the proper kind of seeds to plant in your garden. It’s very important to understand how much sunlight, water and fertilizer plants need, and you’ll learn all about that, too, and so much more.

Meeting Other Gardeners Online.

One very nice thing about the online course is the people you’ll meet. You’ll get to chat with interesting people from all over Alaska. The interaction is great! Sometimes, you’ll get to work with a group of other students who’ll help out by proof reading your work and offering an opinion before you submit it to be graded. This kind of interaction helps you to become both a better communicator and a better listener. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!!!  

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