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Mosquito Repellent Plants: Help or Hype?

Pest Control from a Different Angle

Destroyers of the Garden Universe: Aphids

Creepy, crawly, and sometimes slimy, insects can destroy a garden. While some gardeners have great luck and have not had to fight pests extensively, others have not been so fortunate….

Quirky Alaska Greenhouse Tomatoes

I have to admit, I didn’t like tomatoes before my husband built a greenhouse for me 6 years ago. He grew up on the sweet tomatoes his father grew in…

Got Pests!? Identifying and Controlling Pests in Alaska using Integrated Pest Management Techniques

By Glenna Gannon, Alaska Master Gardener Teaching Assistant Have you ever planted your beautifully pampered seedlings only to wake the next day and find them riddled with holes? This year…

Good vs. Bad Bugs in the Alaskan Garden

A Lesson Plan for Gardening in the Classroom in Alaska, By Shawna Sastamoinen, an Alaskan Master Gardener Subject Area: Science  Grade Level: 3rd  Ideal Season: Fall or Late Spring  Time…