Water conservation in the garden

Table of content Garden bed design Soil Planted varieties How you water How you water: With the hose How you water: Drip irrigation How you water: Let the rain do it Garden bed design Different designs of garden beds have different levels of water conservation. Though hugelkultur mounds have lasting fertility they are open allowing for loss of water to evaporation so when trying to conserve water dig a hole to build your hugelkultur beds in to reduce evaporation. When building garden beds on a hill build a large berm Read More …

City Girl Gone–How I Became an Alaska Gardener

RAISED BY CITY PEOPLE Raised by Amsterdam Dutch parents in Seattle, I grew up in a landscape surrounded by flowers. My family bought food fresh and in small quantities from the local market, bakeries and butchers. Quality bread, produce, meats and cheeses were a must. My father prepared gourmet meals for a family of six, complete with garnishments. Dinner was a semi-formal family affair. Semi-formal meaning we were expected to use proper table etiquette. We ate as a family around a solid oak table and the conversation was always fun Read More …


By Dana Fedorchuk, an Alaska Master Gardener Like a new page, Spring gives the feeling of newness and fresh opportunities. Posting my first blog post in Spring feels right in touch with the seasons, just like a planting the garden. In many parts of the world, planting begins with Spring, but here in Alaska we wait. We wait because of that evening chill in the air. We wait because the Farmers Almanac tells us to.We wait because of the handful of snowflakes that fell with the chilly breeze.We wait because Read More …

Alaska Sustainable Agriculture Conference 2011: March 22-24, 2011

Sign up Now for the Alaska Sustainable Agriculture Conference 2011 March 22-24, 2011, Princess Lodge, Fairbanks, AlaskaGo to: https://aksare.wikispaces.com/ to register! Photo by Heidi Rader. Topics covered will be Raising Goats for milk and cheese, Root Cellars, CSA’s, funding opportunities, and composting.For more information about the conference or to make comments, contact Michele Hebert (mahebert@alaska.edu) or Taylor Maida ( temaida@alaska.edu).

State-wide Alaska Master Gardener Conference

The state-wide Alaska Master Gardener Conference will be held March 25 and 26 at the Wedgewood Resort in Fairbanks.    There are many good speakers, workshops at all levels, and a chance for gardeners to compare notes!  More information is available at https://www.interiormastergardeners.org/Master-Gardener-Conference-2011.htm Click on the link to see all the great opportunities and get a registration form.  There is a discount for early registration.