By Dana Fedorchuk, an Alaska Master Gardener

Like a new page, Spring gives the feeling of newness and fresh opportunities. Posting my first blog post in Spring feels right in touch with the seasons, just like a planting the garden. In many parts of the world, planting begins with Spring, but here in Alaska we wait.

We wait because of that evening chill in the air.
We wait because the Farmers Almanac tells us to.
We wait because of the handful of snowflakes that fell with the chilly breeze.
We wait because of the time we didn’t wait and green things became shriveled and brown from the frost.

Even when the temperature soars to the high 20s in mid-May, experienced gardeners
shake their heads and advise each other to wait. Even more than gardeners have to be
detail-oriented, with good skills of observation, and tuned-in to the elements; gardeners
need patience.

So whether you are looking forward to planting, anticipating the first green seedlings,
forecasting the harvest, or dreaming over seed catalogs for next year; the skill that the
gardener needs most is the ability….to….wait. I’m waiting for June 1 to get these sunflowers situated in their beds. What are you waiting for?

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