Yarrow, more than your common weed!

Yarrow and Yarrow
Yarrow and Yarrow

Stop and enjoy the roadside weeds! Not only did  we name our daughter after this elegant wildflower but have learned that it is quite the miracle worker when used as a healing herb.

It’s Latin name is achillea millefollium. Myth has it that Achillea carried this plant with him into battle as a wound healing agent. Yarrow can stop bleeding, relieve pain and act as a anti-microbial which makes it a must for your medicine cabinet.

Yarrow can also be used as an effective insect repellent when rubbed on the skin. When drunk as a tea it can reduce a fever by inspiring profuse sweating. When drunk with mint at first sign of a cold, you can ward of the virus and reduce menstrual cramps. Yarrow can even be used as a remedy in urinary tract infections.

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Drying Yarrow for tea

My daughter, now twelve, has operated a tea stand at the local Saturday Market since she was six. She sells hot or iced Yarrow/Mint Tea depending on the weather, dried Yarrow/Mint Tea, tea sets, Yarrow Soaps and Salves.

Yarrow grows just about everywhere. This plant is easy to harvest and use just for the enjoyment of drinking tea with friends or using it medicinally. Yarrow tea can be somewhat bitter tasting alone. We recommend mixing it with mint. We also like sweetening it a little with homemade Dandelion or Spruce Tip Syrup.

As a family, we have very much enjoyed discovering this wildflower, herb, common weed and beautiful child.



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