Inspiration from the Ambushing Bush

You never know when a bush is going to attack you when walking up my front stairs. There have been many mornings where I am running late for work and have to wrestle my way around a   web of branches and leaves from a large bush that is intended to welcome you to the home. Instead of welcoming you, it often feels like it is trying to suck you into the plant itself so that you are entangled and a part of the bush forever.

A Book for Beginners

I first purchased the book, “American Horticultural Society Gardening Manual” when I moved into my home and realized that I needed to trim some plants, bushes, and trees. I also needed to learn to weed multiple existing garden beds that had been neglected for years, as well as revamp the perennial plants that were already in place but beginning to die off. This book was one of three that I immediately purchased, and it is the only one I have consistently referred to for some basic lessons.

I am a beginner gardener, if you could even call me that. I love the idea of gardening, but have no experience in growing anything at all. This book has easy to follow sections about planning a garden, starting a garden or rejuvenating an old one, plant basics, lawn basics, using non-plant items to enhance your garden, and many other topics. It has taught me how to trim back my all-consuming bush by my home entrance so that you no longer have to fight your way into the house. It has also taught me the proper way to weed certain areas and how to help prevent the weeds from coming back immediately.

Future Use

One section of this book I haven’t used yet but am looking forward to is the proper way to plant perennials, trees, and shrubs. The book is organized by plant type and includes annuals as well. I have bought several perennials and shrubs from quality nurseries only to plant them and have them die off. I didn’t actually know how deep I was supposed to plant them, or how much water they need, or how to take care of them once they were planted, so I know this section will benefit me greatly in the near future.

I recommend this book for a beginner gardener such as myself, or someone just looking for new ideas or projects. There are tons of colorful photos and diagrams to skim through when you need a little inspiration. It can help gardeners in any area learn how to get started, or learn a specific task needed to tend to their garden. This textbook-style book has personally helped me multiple times and I often flip through it just for motivation and encouragement.

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