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Its #GardenIsShe2020,

and I just wanted to share some information about The Alaska Botanical Garden, located in Anchorage, Alaska!

The Alaska Botanical Garden is a living museum- meaning it showcases gardens and natural Alaskan landscapes in a educational and sustainable way. They grow botanical gardens, showcase ice sculptures and workshops, natural artist opportunities, garden journalism workshops, gardening conferences, membership and donation opportunities, children’s gardening summer camps, distance and in-person learning, botanical trails, horticulture, volunteer opportunities, beginners gardening programs, online shops, weekly guides, and moose and bears awareness, along with many other things. The Alaska Botanical Garden is also a nonprofit that gains its income directly from donations and memberships. Other popular botanical gardens in Alaska are Georgeson Botanical Garden and the UAF Community Garden. Many botanical gardens exist in cold-climates including the gorgeous Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam garden, and the Brooklyn Botanical garden in New York. Below is a link to many beautiful winter gardens world-wide:

So reader, don’t let the cold stop you from gardening!

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