Building an Elevated Bed (off the ground) Part 1 of 3

The beds I will build are actually 3 feet by 9 feet by about 9 inches deep and the tops of them are about 3 feet off the ground. This width lets you easily reach the center of the box from either side for planting, weeding, and harvesting. The height of three feet allows you to use a tall stool to sit on to do the chores required.


(cost of the materials is about $130)


(2) 2x12x12 construction grade pine, hemlock, or fir.                                 (2) 2x6x12    treated lumber
(3) 2x2x8 green cedar
(3) 1x4x10 green cedar
1 pound, #10×3′ deck screws
1/4 pound, #10×1, 3/8′ deck screws
Package of 1/4′ washers
3 feet by 10 feet 1/2 inch mesh hardware cloth
3 feet by 25 feet landscape fabric

Tools to do this project:

Hearing protection if using a power saw02Tools
Safety glasses
Tape measure
Square (I used a speed square)
Electric or hand drill (I used two electric, one corded and one battery)
11/64 drill bit
Crosscut saw (I used a skill saw)
Sheetmetal shears
Heavy duty stapler (could use electric stapler)
Box of 3/8′ staples to fit your stapler

Safety Tip: Always wear safety glasses when working with tools that could make something “fly” around. That actually means anytime your are using tools whether hand or power. You only have one set of eyes, protect them.

03First cutsStart by cutting a three foot piece off from both of the 2x12x12. If you want the box to be exactly 9 feet long you will need to cut about a half inch off the end of the longer pieces of 2x12x9 that you just created. Lumber is about 3/4 inch longer than the standard length dimension. 04BoxholesOn each end of both of the 2x12x9 that you just created measure 3/4 inch from each edge and mark it. Use the square to draw a line 3/4 inch from each end of the long pieces. Drill 4 about equally spaced 11/64 holes along this line on each end these holes will keep 05Firstsidethe wood from splitting when you run in the screws. Start one of the 3′ screws in one of these holes. Prop one end of your 9 foot piece on the end of one of the 3 foot pieces that you cut earlier. Angle the three foot piece so it and the 9 foot piece are pretty flat to one another and the edges are flush. Run in the pre-started screw all the way. Run in the other three as well making sure things are relatively flush. Join the other three foot piece to the other end in the same manner.


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