Peas Be With You

Well, it is now nearing August and my first Interior Alaska garden is thriving more than I ever imagined it would. I planted a IMG_4308little bit of everything to see how it would all do. My most thriving vegetables happen to be my lettuce and snap peas. I planted the last week of May, and my snow peas were the last thing I thought would do so well in my raised beds. Week after week, night after night, after watering them I would check to see if there were any pods. There was nothing for weeks. They were getting taller everyday, but no pods were to be found. When it seemed like everything else was blooming and producing little vegetables for me.

It was not until I went out of town for the weekend that it seemed they came overnight! Now I have more than I know what to do with. I honestly can’t keep up with them. But one issue I had with them is something I want to pass along, so no one else has this issue. Make sure you set-up your supports, whether it be chicken wire or something of the like; immediately after you plant. My boyfriend and I waited unfortunately until they were a little too tall and tried to thread them through well enough by hand, but about a week ago a large section of our peas fell over and snapped because they did not have the proper apparatus to climb. We used a thin plastic chicken wire material. Perhaps if we used metal it would have been stabilized? From what it looks like to me, the section that fell away from the fencing was not growing into the fence and wrapping like the ones next to them. So make sure your support is sufficient, and the steaks are strong enough to hold the vines that will eventually grow up them. If you are debating on planting sugar snaps in your garden, I would absolutely go for it. Mine are booming, just make sure they have the support they require!IMG_4307

In the pictures I attached, you will notice the gap in my fencing where there are no peas!

Here are a variety of ways to support any type of peas you have!

Peas be with you!

And also with you.

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