Sitka, Alaska’s Climactic Zone


Sitka, Alaska is a part of the The Tongass National Forest- the largest temperate rainforest in the world. Cool days, frequent rain, and acidic soil that has a hi are factors to consider when gardening. Hardy crops thrive in Sitka as show by native, woody edible plants that fruit throughout the year: blueberries, crowberries, low bush cranberries. Hardy plants thrive. Tlingit and Haida potatoes have been planted and harvested for over 200 years in Sitka. You can read more about this history here

Normals for years: 1981-2010

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones: 6b-8a

May June July August September
Average Daily Temperature ( °F) 47.8 52.8 56.2. 57.2 53
Average Daily Maximum ( °F) 53.1 57.8 60.4 61.9 57.8
Average Daily Minimum ( °F) 42.4 47.8 52 52.5 48.2
Average rainfall (in.) 5.67 4.8 4.57 7.72 12.09
32 °F is used here to determine frosts. Probable Growing Season (90% probability) Possible Growing Season (10% probability)
Date of First frost 11/18/2018 10/14/2018
Date of Last frost 4/3/2018 4/30/2018
Freeze Free Period 136 198
When daylengths are longer than 12 hours 3/18/2018 3/18/2018

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