Homer–an Alaska Climate Profile

Homer is on the southwestern edge of the Kenai Peninsula on the north side of the Kachemak Bay. The weather is effected by the close proximity to the Gulf of Alaska and other large bodes of water nearby. In the Homer area the summers are cool and moist, with relatively mild winters.

It rains lightly throughout much of the season interspersed with some weeks of sun, so watering may only be needed occasionally.

The probable growing season is from June to mid September. Reliably there are 113 frost free days, but there is a small chance of there sometimes being 153 frost free days. In the spring after the last frost it can take a while for the ground to thaw enough to work or plant. It is a good idea to start seedlings indoors in the spring to give them a head start. For longer season plants that prefer warmer weather it is probably necessary to grow them in a high-tunnel or greenhouse.

Link to the nearest weather station: HOMER AIRPORT, AK US click here to view

Normals for years: 1981-2010

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones: 5b to 6a

May June July August September
Average Daily Temperature ( °F) 44.5 50.6 54.6 53.9 48.1
Average Daily Maximum ( °F) 51.8 57.8 61.2 60.9 55
Average Daily Minimum ( °F) 37.1 43.5 48 46.9 41.1
Average rainfall (in.) 1.97 1.46 2.07 3.21 4.19
32 °F is used here to determine frosts. Probable Growing Season (90% probability) Possible Growing Season (10% probability)
Date of First frost 9/11 10/09
Date of Last frost 5/29 4/30
Freeze Free Period 113 153
When daylengths are longer than 12 hours 3/18 9/24

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