This guide for Alaska educators like you incorporate hydroponics into your  classroom. There are five sections included in this guide, and they are presented in order,  with the beginning sections giving you what you need to know/do first to get started,  following with a section on lesson plans to help you teach important aspects of growing  plants. There are many resources out there to help with this process, and this guide  concludes with some of those resources.

Using hydroponics in the classroom is a wonderful way to connect students to living plants  during the school year. Depending on where your community is, it may be the only option  for gardening. This guide provides some helpful tips and will give you the confidence as a  teacher to start your very own indNFT Hydroponics setup growing lettucedoor garden through hydroponics.   WHO is this guide for?  This is a guide for any educator; teacher, para or principal who is interested in starting an  indoor garden in your school.

This guide was developed by Alaska Master Gardener and educator, Bethan Fernstrom, as part of her volunteer hours.
Download the full guide HERE.


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